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Encompass Overhead Door (4)One of the most vital repairs you can hire is for professional garage door service. Otherwise, you only spend more with inexperienced maintenance providers. No matter what brand, make, or model you have, hire Encompass Overhead Door. Your Garage Door Service and Repair Since 2021, Encompass Overhead Door, contractors are still servicing them all.

We offer the fastest, most professional service in Grand Prairie, Arlington, Cedar Hill, Mansfield, Desoto, Midlothian, Waxahachie, Venus, Fort Worth, TX. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re having problems with your overhead door. We can be reached immediately. If you need your Garage Door repaired or a new one installed, give us a call.

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The Benefits of Automatic Garage Door Openers

It sounds shocking, but not every homeowner has an automatic garage door opener. Whether they grew up without them or don’t know their benefits, they’re the ones missing out. Not only are garage door systems convenient, but they offer smooth operations every day. They are ideal for commuting, running errands, or simply taking out the trash.

Thieves and vandals always go for easy targets. When you park your vehicle inside your garage, it offers an additional level of protection, deterring the bad guys. You can also enjoy safe and secure storage for even harsh cleaners and automotive fluids. When you have an automatic garage door opener, you get tons of functionality as well.

Whether you need a brand-new system and door or just a scheduled upkeep, choose us every time. We offer a variety of reliable garage door services, such as:
Whatever the issue might be, we always know what to do. Keep your garage door operating at its best and hire us now.
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Garage Door Service Grand Prairie

While you might have the skills to maintain other systems, your garage door needs us. These systems are not only complicated but dangerous as well.Every door has tons of built-up energy stored in its springs. Before you seriously injure yourself,
make sure to call in the experts.

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Garage Door Service

While you might have the skills to maintain other systems, your garage door needs us. These systems are not only complicated but dangerous as well.
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Encompass Overhead Door (43)
Garage Door Repair

Did you accidentally ram your garage door while trying to leave for work? Or maybe the door won’t budge and is staying closed and trapping you indoors.
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Garage Door Replacement

Over time, your garage door will wear down, both inside and out. Daily mechanical use and direct sun exposure can soon leave them brittle and unsafe.
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Garage Door Installation

Surprisingly, not all residential homes have an automatic garage door opener. Whether it’s an older residence or a new upgrade, hire us every time.
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Encompass Overhead Door
Broken Spring Repair

Busted garage door springs are among the most frequent problems homeowners have. These components work hard and also store a lot of kinetic force.
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Tarrant County keypad
Garage Door Keypads

Chances are your garage door keypad will wear out before the mechanical parts. Although convenient, the softer buttons can break from too much use or force.
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Tarrant County Garage Remote Clicker
Garage Door Remote Controls

You pressed your clicker as you pulled into the driveway, expecting the door to open. When it doesn’t, you only feel your frustration building.
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Emergency Garage Door Service

Sometimes, a garage door repair can’t wait until Monday to be resolved. Luckily, you can call on our team whenever you need us most.
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Why Hire Us for Garage Door Services?

When working with garage door systems, you always want an expert on your side. While these components work hard daily, they also are complicated to install.

The more challenging they are, the higher the risk they can pose. When you aren’t sure what you are doing, it’s always safest to hire us.

Our team goes beyond basic installation and maintenance services. No matter what items wear out, break, or need replacing, we offer it all.

We have nearly three decades of garage door service experience. When your home deserves the best, contact us for professional results on every job.

The Best Garage Door Repair Grand Prairie, TX

You can’t always tell what the problem is when your garage door stops working. It could be anything from rollers and tracks to the eyebeam sensors, or even something else.

Luckily, we know how to diagnose and repair any brand of door you have. When you need fast and affordable services, you can always count on our contractors.

Call us now to handle any repairs, installations, or maintenance needs. Encompass Overhead Door is your local garage expert.

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Another reason why area homeowners prefer us is our level of convenience. No matter where in Grand Prairie you call home, we are here for you.Choose us for any job you have, from new installations -to maintenance and upkeep. No matter where you are in the area and you have garage door problems, you can call on us.

Why rely on service providers who work outside of your city limits? Choose the faster, more reliable source for garage door solutions by hiring us.

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