The garage is where you keep your cars, workbench, sports equipment, gardening supplies, and a lot of smelly things. If you can’t stand to be in the garage for more than a few minutes at a time because of the smell, you may not be able to do things like carpentry, gardening, or restoring old cars. 

If you’ve ever opened the door to your garage and been met with a wave of musty, unpleasant odors, you know the importance of freshening up the space. A stinky garage can be a major inconvenience, not to mention a turn-off for anyone who might need to spend time in the area.

Here are a few tips for getting rid of those unwanted smells and keeping your garage smelling fresh:

What makes a garage stinky?

There are several factors that can contribute to a stinky garage. Some common causes of unpleasant odors in the garage include:

Food waste: If you store food or other organic materials in your garage, they can start to rot and emit odors.

Pet messes: If you have pets that spend time in the garage, their urine or feces can create unpleasant smells.

Trash: Garages can sometimes become a dumping ground for trash, which can contribute to unpleasant odors.

Mold and mildew: Humidity and moisture in the garage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can give off a musty smell.

Gasoline: If you store gasoline or other fuels in the garage, the fumes can create unpleasant odors.

Chemical odors: If you use chemical products like paint or pesticides in your garage, the odors can linger and contribute to a stinky smell.

By identifying and addressing the source of the odors, you can eliminate the unpleasant smells and keep your garage smelling fresh.

How to Make a Garage Smell Better and Keep Well-Maintained

Using bleach and water to clean the floor and walls will get rid of the smell. Make sure the garage is open while you clean it and don’t close it until the air has dried it out. This will keep bleach fumes from lingering.

Adding an epoxy garage floor coating will make cleaning the floor easier and save time. If the problem isn’t coming from the walls, it may even solve the problem. Epoxy garage coatings are resistant to all kinds of spills and stains and don’t change when the temperature or chemicals change. They are easy to clean and don’t need to be repainted for years, which makes them very popular with people who own garages. Providers of epoxy floor coatings offer a wide range of colors and textures that make the garage look better.

There are several steps you can take to make your garage smell better and keep it well-maintained:

  • Keep it clean: Regularly cleaning the garage can help eliminate odors and prevent the build-up of dirt and debris. Wipe down surfaces, sweep and mop the floor, and remove any clutter.
  • Use products that get rid of smells. There are many products on the market that are made to get rid of smells. Look for options that are natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Use scented candles or essential oils: Aromatic scents can help mask any unpleasant odors and make your garage smell fresh and inviting.
  • Air it out: Open the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate through the space. If possible, use a fan to help ventilate the area.
  • Repair any leaks: If you have a leak in your garage, it can lead to moisture build-up and the growth of mold and mildew, which can create unpleasant odors. Take immediate action to remediate any leaks.

Other Ways How To Keep Garage Doors Well-Maintained

Clean up your garbage bins as well as recycling containers: Begin by washing them. Mix one gallon of hot liquid and one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Dip a sponge in detergent and rub the containers from inside and out. Rinse them off with water from the garden hose, and allow them to dry completely.

To help ensure your garbage cans remain fresher for longer make sure you line the bottom of each using several newspaper sheets, and baking soda to help absorb the odors. Change the baking soda and the newspaper every week, on garbage day.

Rethink storage If you store things in cardboard boxes on the floor of your garage and you aren’t sure what to do, look them over. You’re likely to see damp, moldy areas that contribute to the smell in your garage. Right now is the moment to get rid of them.

To stop moisture from soaking in and promoting mold to grow in the near future Replace cardboard boxes with sturdy plastic containers. Label them carefully and place them on top of shelves or overhead storage to make the space you have in your garage.

Throw away old products: Empty all shelves and cabinets for garage storage of containers that can spray bottles, and other products. Examine the condition and age of each item and dispose of anything that is past its best. Make sure you eliminate old motor paint, oil chemicals, and other items in the designated hazardous disposal facility.

Clean off oil spills Motor oil that has been leaking lying on the floor can cause a smell in your garage. Instead of slogging through spills, consider covering them with cat litter. It is able to absorb liquids and remove odors, making it possible to scrub your floor with little effort. After a couple of days, clean up the cat litter and reveal the floor that is oil-free below.

Cleanse the garage with bleach: If you notice a musty smell in your garage, then chronic mildew or mold might be the cause. Mix one cup of bleach with 1 gallon of water into an enormous bucket. This solution can be used to clean the walls and floors of your garage.

To ensure your safety For your safety, keep the garage door open while you clean with bleach to allow for sufficient ventilation. Cleanse walls and floors with clean water, and allow it to dry at least 24 hours prior to closing the garage door.

Drains on floors that smell: If the drain on the floor of your garage has traps that hold water, it could have drained away after many months of no use. It could be a cause of smells from sewers in your garage. Since floor drains are more likely to be unoccupied for long periods of time and are not cleaned regularly, you can help keep unpleasant smells away by pouring about 3/4 teaspoon of mineral oil down the drain, and inside the drain trap. It evaporates faster than water and stops sewer odors from getting into the garage over a period of.

If the smell persists even after all efforts, this could indicate that the drain does not contain an obstruction. To keep odors out of the sewer, without closing the drainage completely, place a large piece of plastic on the drain and then tape it down on all four edges. This will stop the majority of the odor but the water that is standing can be able to enter the drain.

Clean up your pet’s litter box regularly: Perhaps you put the kennel of your dog or the litter box in your garage in order to stop the smell of your house. The problem is that now they’re causing a stink in the garage! The solution is simple: give the pet’s supplies the same attention you would give them if they were in your living area. Clean litter boxes on a regular basis and wash pet bedding every week and wash kennels at least twice each month.


There are many things that can make a garage smell bad. Use this guide to figure out what is making those smells in your garage and get rid of them as soon as possible. If your garage needs maintenance or repairs, We at Encompass Overhead Door a leading garage door company in Grand Prairie TX  are ready to help! We are available in Grand Prairie TX.